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Technology Solutions to Suit Your Growing Business

We understand your business has individual goals and a one-size-fits-all approach to IT isn’t an option. That’s why, when we’re working with your business, we aim to get to know you first. It’s the only way we can guarantee delivery of the best possible technology solutions. At BENARM IT we’ll help you build a better IT infrastructure that evolves with your changing business needs.

Understanding Your Business

When you approach us to talk all things IT, we’ll start by asking questions such as:

How does your business currently run?
What are your growth plans?
Who will be using your systems, when, how and from where?
What functionality do you need?

Using the information we gather, our team of friendly experts can then recommend considered strategies and provide unbiased advice and a reliable service.

Understanding the Importance of IT Services and the use of New Technology in Business

Many of us have witnessed the outrageous growth of the internet in the past few decades and usually associate cutting edge technology, internet start-ups, premium IT service providers, and tech growth with Silicon Valley in California. This truth is that this is quickly changing, and an article in the online version of the Sydney Morning Herald in 2015 cites statistics that support the fact that the growth of Australia’s technology sector is outpacing that of both the US and the UK.

This may be startling news to some, but the truth is that Australia has long been an early technology adopter, and the rapid growth in the smartphone market has created an appetite for applications coded right here on home soil. The result of all of this growth is that new employment opportunities exist in the technology sector and there are new businesses willing to bet on the future of a digital future.

Alongside this boom in the technology sector and the multiple systems and software design jobs that it has generated, we have also witnessed a growth in the number of IT service companies, IT service provider company services, and IT services and support companies. In order for companies to grow, they need to be supported by expert IT Services companies like BENARM IT so that they can continue to take advantage of the rapid changes in the technological landscape and continue to flourish in a rapidly changing global economy.

In order to illustrate the importance of technology to a new business and the IT services that we at BENARM IT provide, let us use the example of a small software development business that has the backing of some wealthy investors, but is under pressure to perform against growing competition in the industry. This company has the following structure:

  • Small office: Rent is expensive in the city and space is at a premium. For this small software business, having a city office is part customer perception and part personal expectation on behalf of the business owners. This is where their physical computers are and houses all of their applications and data. All staff work here during the day, but often put in long hours of overtime.
  • Staff: Apart from the business owner and CEO of this start-up, there is one lead graphic designer with many years of experience, a recently graduated graphic designer, and two recently graduated software developers who understand what it takes to design an application from the ground up
  • CEO: After having convinced a few investors to fund this new venture, the CEO has gathered a small staff of equally enthusiastic people around him. The problem is that whilst he has vision and great ideas, he lacks organisational skills and the ability to manage deadlines.

The staff are enthusiastic, but generally disorganised because they are far too busy working long hours and trying to please the CEO. The office is filled with computers and technology but there is no uniform communication technology between devices that facilitate more productivity and greater efficiency.

Like many young and passionate technology start-ups, this company chooses to forego expert support from a skilled IT service company and instead opts to do all of the tech support themselves, including operating system roll-outs, software testing, troubleshooting, and software updates. Their idea of an IT service desk consist entirely of each one of them relying on sporadic knowledge and repairs and maintenance on a whim. The problem is that this takes a lot of time and occupies different members of the team at different times of the day.

What this company, and every company that relies on technology, really needs to do is to sit down and ask themselves the following questions:

  • Will the implementation of some new technologies help us to improve our current business?
  • In what areas can we improve in terms of efficiency and productivity?
  • What specific technologies will help us to streamline our current way of working?

These questions are important because they highlight the need for a plan of business improvement that utilises technology to streamline workflow, improve productivity, maintain a competitive advantage and improve access to information.

How an IT Services Provider like BEANARM IT Can Help

Clearly, the business outlined above has some workflow and efficiency problems. A lot of it is as a result of runaway technology that needs to be organised so that it works for the company rather than the other way around. This is exactly where we can help.

At BENARM IT, we are passionate about helping business work to peak efficiency through the clever and organised use of technology. We are an IT services company that places customers at the centre of all of our solutions, and we are proud to say that we are one of only few IT services companies with one of Sydney’s most reliable reputations. In a city this size, there are plenty of new and visionary companies that require trustworthy IT services. Sydney based company BENARM IT is here to help with all technology needs.

Here’s how we would help the visionary but disorganised company in our previous example:

  • Cloud Technologies: The productivity and efficiency of this company could be radically improved through the use of the Cloud to store applications, emails and data. By storing all of this using our dedicated private and secure cloud hosting solution, the staff has the option to access most of the information they need from anywhere.
  • Mobility: Now that we have streamlined the way that information can be accessed in this office through a Cloud-based solution, we strongly suggest that each member of staff work with a uniform range of mobile computing devices, including smartphones and tablets. By providing everyone with the same tools and applications, we expect that workflow will be drastically improved. This potentially means less hardware (servers, hard drives and so on) in the cluttered city office. The mobility, agility and productivity of the office is thereby improved using a combination of our tailored Cloud hosting and Mobility solution.
  • Managed IT Services: BENARM IT offers three flexible Managed IT Services that offer remote technical support to businesses regardless of size. Because the staff in our example company are quite tech savvy already, we would recommend a pre-paid IT Managed Services level. This means that the company can purchase 10-hour blocks of break-fix support, and will mean that they can get on with their jobs in a more focused and productive manner.

By working closely with a company, BENARM IT can provide a clever and tailored IT solution that improves productivity, efficiency and business operations. If you are looking for reliable and reputable technology advice, Cloud solutions, Disaster Recovery, and Managed IT services, Sydney based BEANARM IT is the company for you!

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