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If you look at the news regarding cyber security any given day, there is no doubt that security incidents are on the rise for all businesses. SMBs are typically more vulnerable than larger organizations as oftentimes they may not have the available skills and resources that are required to protect their organisation.


The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) provides strategies and guidelines to assist businesses in protecting their systems and information against cyber threats. One of these is the Essential Eight, which contains eight essential mitigation strategies that the ACSC recommends being implemented as a baseline.

Essential Eight

Application Control

Patch applications

Configure Microsoft Office macro settings

User application hardening

Restrict administrative access

Patch operating systems

Multi-factor authentication

Daily Backups

Proactive, Independent Advice

We’ll work in close partnership with you to help you strategically align your business and IT needs, giving you a frank, unbiased opinion, and providing you with an experienced resource you can rely on.

Our expert team of IT consultants can help with:


Your current security status against the Essential Eight strategies


your IT security plan forecasting based on security threats


technology challenges and issues


on software and hardware purchases


third party suppliers


Quality Assurance and best practice


any network upgrades and improvements


your internal team

Why Choose Benarm IT Cyber Security Consulting Services

Excellent interpersonal skills

We’ll help pull your team together, managing third party suppliers and involving all relevant stakeholders at each stage of the project

Unbiased advice

We don’t have any exclusive manufacturer or supplier agreements, so we’re free to recommend the best IT solution for your requirements, irrespective of brand

Detailed risk assessment

We’ll carefully assess all cost, downtime and security risks involved in your project and keep you fully informed across all developments

Hands-on support

We’ll manage the planning, installation, configuration and testing of all new equipment and software. We’ll even show you how to use it

Absolute Involvment

We’ll take the time to fully explain each step so you can be as involved, or uninvolved, with the project as you want to be

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