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Empower Your Team to Work From Anywhere

The days of being tied to the office desk are over. To succeed in business you need a flexible team who can work anywhere and at any time.

Whether it’s conducting meetings remotely, allowing your team to work from home, or enabling staff to stay in touch on the road – mobility offers the freedom to work the way you want.

Mobility Services

Document Management and Collaboration
Office 365
Remote Desktop Services

How Mobility Will Transform Your Business

A strong mobility strategy can genuinely revolutionise your business, providing your team with greater access to information while keeping all your data secure.

The benefits of mobility include:


You can easily scale your IT infrastructure up or down in line with your business requirements


Keep your customers, employees and business partners connected


From anywhere in the world at any time


Information can be accessed via mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers


Spend less on deploying, managing and supporting technology


Staff are more productive when they are able to work flexibly. Allowing them to manage their own schedule around their personal commitments

Choosing A Benarm IT Mobility Solution

Our trained IT team are here to help. We’ll discuss your individual business needs and create a solution that suits you perfectly. We can handle everything, ensuring your move to mobile causes absolutely minimal disruption to your business.

At BENARM IT we guarantee:

Straightforward solution selection

Our Mobility experts can help assess your business needs and make the right software choices

Seamless integration

We’ll develop a detailed plan that takes your business mobile and gets you up and running, fast

Considered customisation

Our IT team will tailor your Mobility so it delivers the best results for your business

Expert training

We’ll provide your team with all necessary training

Ongoing support

We don’t disappear after installation; in fact we offer 24 x 7 x 365 assistance to ensure your business continues to run smoothly

The Dream of Working from Anywhere is now a Reality

Technology has been promising a revolution in the way that we live and work since the space race started in the 1950s, but it is only in the past few decades that we have witnessed a significant shift. In days gone by, the technology sector spoke about the importance of so-called thin clients and mainframe technology being the way forward. The vision for a streamlined workflow was certainly evident in these ideas, but the implementation was lacking.

It is true to say that computers have been in our offices for many years now, but it is only with the maturing of the web and communications technologies that we have finally seen a drastic change in the way that people are able to access information and conduct their work. As broadband speeds have increased and access to the web has become a daily expectation, technologies like Wi-Fi have revolutionised the way that we access the data and information that we need.

The way forward on the digital highway might have been partially mapped when Bill Gates published his seminal book “Business @ the Speed of Thought”, but the way business and technology integrates is now only beginning to mature and become a reality for all business. At BENARM IT, we are dedicated to empowering all business to find their own way along the digital highway. Part of this is through the full implementation of IT mobility solutions that enable anyone to work from anywhere. This is truly the dream of years past, and we are proud to be part of this dream!

What Advantages Does IT Mobility Really Offer to Business?

You might be wondering what IT mobility is and what types of IT mobility services that BENARM IT offers. If your business is interested in using technology to enable staff to access emails, documents, applications, and data from anywhere at any time, then you are interested in the mobility of information technology – or IT mobility in other words! But what advantages does this kind of mobility offer a modern workforce? Consider the following benefits:

  • Remote access: Imagine your workforce being able to work away from the office on the commute to work, on the way home from work, after hours, and on weekends. Now, we’re not suggesting that every business should have their staff working tirelessly around the clock and not having any time off, but have you ever considered what this sort of remote access to information could do for your business? It would truly empower your staff to work from anywhere they have a connection to the information they need.
  • Collaboration: Mobility is not just about enabling staff answer a few emails after hours. A truly mobile implementation of technology also means that your employees can work on important documents together with other mobile employees. It also means that one company can work with another company and truly collaborate through the use of mobile IT solutions. Can you imagine the power of a real-time collaboration with another company from the other side of the world?

Apart from the clear benefits to the productivity and efficiency of businesses, it is also worth noting that a truly mobile workforce has the potential to be more content in their work. How is this so?

By making work more flexible, employees are not simply tethered hour after hour to their office workstations. Because they have the flexibility to access work from anywhere they have a connection, it also means that they view their working life as more productive and more flexible too.

Study after study concludes that satisfied and happy employees are more productive. By empowering your staff with the type of fully implemented mobile IT solution that BENARM It offers, you also empower them to make decisions about when and where they can work without impacting on the overall productivity and efficiency of the business.

How Can BENARM IT Tailor an IT Mobility Solution for My Business?

In many ways, IT mobility services are at the very heart of what we do at BENARM IT. We recognise the power that modern technology possesses to empower businesses to really revolutionise the way that they operate. A key part of this is the way that new technologies keep us connected and the way that they enable a more mobile and diverse working environment. So, how can we help business become more mobile?

Tailored Solutions

All of our IT services are specifically customised to suit each and every one of our clients. We understand that not every business operates in the same way, and what technology solutions work for one business may not work so well for another. This is why we discuss options thoroughly with business leaders before implementing any of our solutions.


We are staunchly brand independent. This means that we view all technology as a means to an end and do not recommend one brand over another. We have no interest other than to empower business through our tailored IT solutions.


We make sure that the IT mobility solution we implement in your business is seamless and fully tested. Part of discussing options is coming up with a detailed plan that works with your business and enhances all business operations. This allows you to get up to speed quickly and generate positive outcomes using newly implemented IT solutions.

Support and Training

Part of our seamless technology integration is offering follow-up support that is available at all times – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. We’ll also ensure that you and your employees understand how the new technology works for them and how it benefits workflow. Our team of expert trainers understand intimately how to quickly empower individuals to start using new technology quickly and confidently.

We believe that taking everybody step by step through the entire process, from planning through to implementation, is one of the keys to empowering each of our business clients to continue to making their own way along the digital highway!

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