Protect Your Business Assets

These days the risks to your business are endless, with threats from security hacks, power failures, mismanaged hardware upgrades and even hail storms.

As a business owner it’s important to ask yourself: how long could your business afford to be without core IT systems and how many customers would you lose due to downtime?The truth is, when data issues occur the consequences to your business can be disastrous.

With BENARM IT there’s no need to worry.

We offer robust, flexible and reliable Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery services to protect your business if the worst should happen.



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How a Disaster Recovery Solution Could
Protect Your Business

We’ll work with you to create and maintain an effective Disaster Recovery capability, performing extensive analysis to determine exactly how your current systems work and then developing a viable solution.

The benefits of a solid Disaster Recovery plan include:

Data security

Your data is protected 24/7 in a secure offsite data centre


We can adapt your Disaster Recovery plan as your business grows

Automated backups

All your data is continually and regularly backed up throughout the day, every day

Choosing A Benarm IT Disaster Recovery Plan

We take your productivity and security seriously, and understand your need for a properly maintained and monitored IT system that keeps your data secure and recoverable.

At BENARM IT we’ll help your business with:

Straightforward solution selection

Our Disaster Recovery experts can help assess your business needs and make the right software choices

Seamless integration

We’ll develop a detailed Disaster Recovery plan that ensures you stay up and running no matter what happens

Considered customisation

Our IT team will tailor your Disaster Recovery plan so it delivers the best results for your business

Expert training

We’ll provide your team with all necessary training

Ongoing support

We don’t disappear after installation; in fact we offer 24 x 7 x 365 assistance to ensure your business continues to run smoothly

Find out how a Disaster Recovery solution will benefit your business! Contact us, or call 1300 BENARM (1300 236 276).


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