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How To Improve Efficiency And Reduce Costs With Cloud Solutions

If you run a business, you’re probably already familiar with the concept of using Cloud services, but did you know that business Cloud migration is predicted to increase rapidly in the next few years? In fact, businesses nation-wide are already taking advantage of partial and full Cloud solutions to better manage workflow.

In the necessarily conservative business world, IT security has long been a concern. No business owner or board of directors wants to have to deal with a major data hack! Of course, over the past decade, we have all become so used to the idea of using the internet and storing our data in the Cloud, that data security is not quite the bugbear that it once was.

In fact, most of us use the Cloud seamlessly without even knowing it. If you have a smartphone or a tablet, it’s likely that you already use the Cloud for some data storage from one of the big public vendors, like Google, Amazon, or Microsoft. If you take lots of photos on your smartphone and they are automatically backed up to your Dropbox account or your Google account, you’re already using the public Cloud for data storage!

How The Cloud Benefits Business

Given the growth in the deployment of Cloud solutions in the business sector worldwide, it’s useful to reinforce what advantages it provides. Consider the following:

  • Efficiency: On a small scale, being able to access the photos that you’ve taken with your smartphone from anywhere (e.g. via Google Photos) is pretty cool. In fact, it’s efficient and saves you time. Imagine that type of convenience on a much larger scale for a business. When data is stored in the Cloud, any staff member can access it from wherever they have an internet connection. This means that they can work from anywhere at any time, adding flexibility and convenience to the workplace.
  • Disaster recovery: The loss of crucial data costs businesses billions of dollars per year. When a business uses the Cloud, they can store much of their data on remote servers that automate daily back-ups. This means that in the event of data loss, it can quickly and easily be restored. In fact, our IT Disaster Recovery package specifically addresses this aspect!
  • Cost effective: IT departments even in medium sized businesses can be pretty top heavy. Given that many traditional IT departments spend their time dealing with upgrades, updates, security patches, and repairs, it makes perfect sense to migrate to the Cloud. “But, why?” you may ask. When the applications that a business relies on is hosted in the Cloud, all of the software updates are done automatically in the background. If a business opts to use a remote and highly secure data centre to store data, there’s no more paying for servers, and no more top heavy internal IT budgets! This means that IT staff can get on with other projects and focus on the big picture.

Here at Benarm IT, we believe that cutting edge technology has the power to transform business. If you are interested in finding out more about our Cloud solutions, and how we can work with you to implement a Cloud-based workflow that meets your business needs, just click here.


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