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With the expansion of communication technologies and networking, almost all companies and workers are beginning to rely on IT services, such as instant messenger, video chat, and desktop sharing to implement real time collaboration between teams and individuals who are not located in the same place. This has allowed for exponentially faster project completions, and has radically changed the face of the modern work place. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why real time collaboration has become so vital.

it services

1. Distance is no longer a factor.

In the days before vast networks connected every computer to every other, companies had to physically bring teams together, or at least have them available for conference calls. With the availability of IT services such as Google Hangouts and Skype, this is no longer the case. Clients, employees, teams, and board members can now communicate instantaneously as if they were face to face. This has changed the way that many companies do business, and allows for much greater flexibility and efficiency.


2. Instant file sharing.

This is one of the most significant changes to come to the modern workplace through modern technologies. Now that everything has been more or less digitized, files can be shared and edited immediately, without the transference of a physical copy. Not only does this radically reduce project times, but it saves a considerable amount of manpower and logistical work. Files can now be edited directly on the cloud as well, with services such as Google Docs, therefore bypassing the need for sending said file back and forth.


3. Larger project teams.

With real time collaboration, the number of people working on a project is no longer limited, and it has become incredibly easy to have a large number of people all giving input on a single project. While it is still advisable to keep any team to a small, core group of people, the ability to incorporate outside help or input has become simple and widespread. This means that any project can be handled by a non-localized group of individuals, who can rely on the expertise and advice of outside help, should their be a need for it, and all while being on opposite sides of the globe.


Real time collaboration is a game changer for businesses, as well as individuals, such as freelancers and members of a project team. If you are not already using real time collaboration services, then you are radically behind the game, and losing time and energy in outdated methodologies. No matter what types of IT services you choose to use, the important thing is that we all take advantage of the latest technology to grant us and our businesses the greatest level of communication, efficiency, and effective collaboration. To find out more about Real time Collaboration and IT Services go to our website

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