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What Are Professional IT Services?

This Is Why Your Business Needs Professional IT Services

The provision of profession IT services are second nature to us at BENARM IT. It is what we do day in and day out for a wide variety of clients across the country and we love what we do. We can take any business to the next level and be a part of their success story, but we also focus on spreading the word to businesses that don’t yet understand what are professional IT services?

Our Dedication

We are passionate about technology and providing premium level IT services to all of our clients. Our love of technology is a big part of why we started BENARM IT in the first place, but we also place a great emphasis on maintaining an approach that places the customer at the centre of our business model. By working personally with each and every client, understanding their needs, and tailoring IT solutions that suit their business profiles, we pride ourselves on offering a service that is second to none.

Our Experience

You can rely on our long history of experience in the world of IT. The truth is that professional IT services like ours are now more affordable than ever, and there is simply no reason for any modern business not to explore the services that we offer. In a world that is subject to volatile economic conditions, it makes good sense to seek the services of a reliable IT services provider to streamline business models, optimise productivity and meet the challenges of the digital age head on.

Our Services

All of the IT services that we offer focus on growing business and optimising the way that business works in the 21st century. As a business owner, if you have ever questioned whether your business can run more efficiently through the use of new technologies, then you owe it to yourself to investigate the many IT services that we offer, including:

  • The Cloud: Many businesses have heard it, but most have yet to take full advantage of what working in the Cloud really means. When data is hosted by secure Australian owned Cloud services, it means that your employees can access their emails, work documents and other applications from anywhere. This not only improves access and efficiency, but also reduces costs. A Cloud solution fully implemented by the experts at BENARM IT means that no business ever has to worry about software upgrades again!
  • Mobile Business Solutions: When combined with the power of the Cloud, a workforce that can access their data from any mobile phone, tablet or computer experiences maximum flexibility. Through applications like Citrix and other remote desktop services, BENARM IT can tailor a solution that truly makes your team mobile and able to work from anywhere at any time.
  • IT Managed Services: BENARM IT services provide a 24 hour, 7 day a week, 365 days a year IT support service that is affordable and scalable for any size business. This translates to predictable IT support costs for business owners and on-call IT support that serves as the technical backbone of the business.
  • Disaster Recovery: Every modern business understands that losing essential data can be a disaster and result in costly delays. By relying upon BENARM It as your technical backbone, you never have to worry again about data back up. We provide daily-automated back-ups of data to a secure offsite data centre. In the event that your data is lost, it can be recovered and accessed easily and quickly.
  • Consulting: Because customers are at the centre of everything that we do at BENARM IT, we also provide professional and expert consulting services. If your business is looking to upgrade old technology, is looking at how new technologies can improve operations, or is looking to relocate, we are here to provide expert and friendly advice that is not brand biased. Let our experience be your guide on how you can integrate new technologies and improve the way your business works.

We love what we do at BENARM IT, and we are focused on adding to the success stories of all of our clients.

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