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Why Outsource IT Support?

How External IT Support Can Work For Your Business

Businesses use and rely on technology every day to increase their productivity, but all of these tools require maintenance from time to time, including but not limited to:

  • Software version upgrades,
  • Stability testing,
  • Data back-up,
  • Data recovery, and
  • Technical trouble shooting.

Once upon a time, it was only the big and wealthy companies that could afford to employ and maintain a specialist staff to deal with IT support issues, but as the tools have improved and more businesses have come to rely on technology, IT support services have become much more affordable even to small and medium sized operations. The challenge is encouraging some of these smaller businesses to step beyond ad-hoc IT support or enduring the costs to employ their own IT staff. For businesses in this situation, the question remains: why outsource IT support?

Smaller businesses sometimes misunderstand both the role that technology can play in optimising their operations, and the true costs of paying for ad-hoc support or maintaining a small staff of IT specialists. There is an assumption that outsourcing their IT support to a third party will cost more than it is worth. There is also an assumption that IT support itself is not as necessary or important to the running of their business and can simply be entrusted to internal staff who may not have the appropriate expertise.

Let’s address each of these issues one at a time:

  • Cost: There is a common perception that IT support is too costly for small and medium sized businesses. Whilst this may have been true in the past, the power and speed of modern technology has actually reduced costs. At BENARM IT, for example, we offer a flexible IT Managed Service where the client can pre-pay for 10 hour blocks of basic break-fix technical support. This suits smaller businesses that may not need around the clock and unlimited IT support.
  • Necessity: The speed at which technology has advanced in the past few decades is truly astounding. Now more than ever, businesses have access to technical tools that can streamline their business operations like never before and introduce mobility, agility and greater productivity into the workplace. There is little doubt that all modern businesses should seriously consider streamlining their use of technology. Given how many businesses now rely on technology to run their operations, IT support really is a necessity.

When it comes to the question of technology, it is certainly true to say that nearly every business relies on it to some extent. When it comes to the question of the benefits of outsourcing IT support, the answer points to the efficiency of costs and the efficiency of expertise.

By outsourcing IT support to us BENARM IT, a business can take advantage of our flexible three tier technical support system that includes pre-paid basic break-fix support, on-demand support and unlimited support. Each level is tailored to suit the technical support needs of different businesses and each offers a cost effective solution.

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